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Old Photos of the Grove
Photos by Michael Carleback and Bob Simms

We invite you to dig through your photos, flip through your albums, and check your phone to find a photo that perfectly captures your Coconut Grove experience.

As Coconut Grove undergoes a rapid transformation as a result of Miami's growth and developers, the Know your Grove project is commited to preserving the spirit of the Old Coconut Grove. We are trying to collect all photographs of Coconut Grove into a defnite collection.

Please submit photo to us using the form below along with some basic information that will help us share your Grove story. The photos will be included online here in a photo gallery as well as stored at the University of Miami Library Digital Archives.

We are asking that all residents submit photographs they might have of Coconut Grove. For large photo collections ,in paper or any other format, that you would like to donate to the University of Miami please contact Kim Grinfeder

Submit your photographs

Please follow the below guidelines when submitting your photographs: